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BME Campaign

Planned developments and enhancement of BME Carer Service Provision – Our campaign

From our history of providing services to carers we know the barriers that are experienced by carers from all communities and cultures and not only from within the BME communities.

What is very evident is that the stigma around disability and poor communication and understanding due to language are huge barriers in BME communities being able to independently access services.

It is recognised that carers from BME communities are not fully aware that:

  • They are carrying out a caring role
  • There are various avenues of support, information and guidance
  • They have rights as carers (i.e. carers assessments)
  • They can access training and peer support groups

We are currently developing a range of resources aimed at the BME community and our stakeholders. We have identified the predominant BME languages within our community and these languages will be used within the first stage of our awareness raising campaign. The resources will consist of: postcard type Carers’ Centre Leaflets, posters for display in key vantage points such as GP practices, hospitals, elected member’s surgeries, integrated teams and voluntary sector organisations. Following this initial awareness raising, we will translate our more in-depth information into the main languages with an offer to translate information in a carer’s preferred language, as and when needed. To avoid cultural sensitivities, we are developing the posters and postcards with a theme of international flags. The same image will be used throughout, but the written information will be in the identified languages. Our partnership with North East Refugee Services will enable our organisation to translate and interpret as and when required.    

To view our A3 Campaign Poster please click here: BME Campaign Poster     

Our current website now has a translator function. Anyone accessing the website can choose their preferred language from a drop down menu and the entire website is then translated. A new solution-focused website is currently being developed and this will include multilingual options and be accessible for all carers within the City.

We are actively supporting carers within BME communities in the City and we hope that our new enhanced resources will bring new opportunities, by providing our carer services to all who need it.

The following case study highlights the stigma that this carer experienced and the barriers she was facing in accessing support: BME Campaign Case Study

For more information regarding this campaign please contact Vera Maw on 0191 549 3768 or email