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BME Campaign Case Study: Asmi

Asmi (name of carer changed to protect identity) was referred to our services by a Social Worker. Asmi is from the South Asian community. Because of the cultural stigma attached to her son’s illness, Asmi did not want anyone within her community to know that she had a caring role and needed any form of support. Her immediate family were unaware of her son’s illness as Asmi felt that her son would not be accepted within the family or wider community circle because of his illness. Asmi did not want anyone from her community involved in her receiving support and this included any of our team members. Asmi is now accessing one-to-one listening ear support, information, advice and guidance, that has helped her within her caring role and understanding her son’s illness and Asmi now attends a Carer Peer Support group. However, Asmi chooses to travel to access peer support outside of her area for fear of being recognised within her community. The following in the carer’s words summarises what the support she had received has meant to her:

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