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Carers' Groups


“Instead of being isolated at home, and worrying about problems alone, it is better to come to the group where concerns can be shared and talked about with other carers.”

When you are a carer it is very easy to become cut off from your friends and outside interests. You can also feel that you are the only person with these problems or that other carers manage much better than you do.

To help reassure carers that they are not alone Sunderland Carers’ Centre runs a number of carers’ groups to give them the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation. The groups are friendly and relaxed.

Some groups are for carers living in a particular area of the city. Others are for carers looking after people with similar illnesses or conditions, for example, carers of disabled children or carers of people with mental health or addiction problems. Some groups take place during an evening for carers who may find it difficult to attend day-time groups, for example, working carers.

Groups meet monthly and carers are not expected to attend every meeting.

Some groups have programmes of speakers, social activities or discussions on specific topics. Others have no set agenda, carers simply meet for a chat over tea and coffee. New members are always welcome and are quickly made to feel at home.

For more information about carers’ groups please contact Sunderland Carers’ Centre on (0191) 549 3768 or email

Help with transport may be arranged so that a carer can attend a group meeting. Also if a carer is worried about leaving the person they care for alone, the Centre may have funds available for carers to pay someone to sit with the person. For more information about transport and sitting fees please contact Sunderland Carers’ Centre.

If a carer is attending for the first time, we recommend that they contact the Centre beforehand to check there has not been a change of meeting date, time or venue. Sometimes a group meeting may be cancelled or rearranged, for example, when a group outing has been organised. Also some groups choose not to meet during school holidays.

Click here to view the current carers’ groups programme

For the latest information about the carers' groups visit the What's On calendar