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Caring with Confidence

Are you a carer?  Is Caring with Confidence for you?

In 2016 Sunderland Carers' Centre will have been running Caring with Confidence sessions for eight years with hundreds of carers taking part. The sessions continue to be rated very highly by carers.  99% of carers rated the sessions 'excellent' or 'good'.


What is Caring with Confidence?

Caring with Confidence is a series of free local group sessions for carers aged over 18.

The sessions help carers to make a positive difference to their life and the person they care for.

Themes range from handling emotions, looking after your own health and dealing effectively with professionals and service providers.

If you are not sure if Caring with Confidence is for you please contact Sunderland Carers' Centre on (0191) 549 3768 for more information.  We will be happy to help and offer advice.

Carers at a Caring with Confidence session.

What do carers think about Caring with Confidence?

Carers who attended the last sessions commented...


"Very informative, especially for new carers, (I am not and would have welcomed this information years ago).  I would recommend it, especially as I wasn't sure about attending at first.  Lovely facilitators."


"Coming to this course has given me so much to think about and talk about when I had never had these opportunities before."


"Before I came to the sessions, I felt trapped and isolated.  I am now a different person and feel stronger, being able to cope with my caring role.  I have learnt something in each session and feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend.  I would recommend the sessions to anyone who cares for someone."


Free Caring with Confidence Sessions in Sunderland

Please call (0191) 549 3768 or email for information on the next set of sessions.


All sessions will include a break with light refreshments.

Funds to help with travel and alternative care are available for carers who need this.

Please contact the Carers' Centre for more information on (0191) 549 3768.

Sessions for all carers:

Finding your way (introduction)

This session will help you look at what matters to you and decide which other sessions you might want to do.

Caring and communicating

This session uses real-life caring stuations to help you get the best from communicating with professionals and service providers.

Caring and coping

This session gives you time to look at the emotions involved in looking after someone, what strategies you use and what you could do to cope with stress more effectively.

Caring day to day

This session looks at the essentials of caring for someone day-to-day, from medication to emergencies at home.

Caring and resources

This session covers how you can maximise your income and access other resources which save you money as a carer.

Caring and me

This session covers how to be fit for life and caring and includes discussion and planning around your own health and wellbeing.

Caring and life

This session invites you to take time out and think about how you juggle competing demands and how your caring role fits with other aspects of your life.


If you would like more information or to sign up for any of these sessions please contact Sunderland Carers' Centre on:

Tel: (0191) 549 3768 or email