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Are you feeling the financial strain?

For the past couple of years it has been hard to ignore the constant media stories about future cuts to services and the benefits system.  As many of these changes will start to take effect this year Sunderland Carers' Centre wants to hear about how they will directly affect you - and all the other carers in Sunderland.  Every caring situation is different so we want to hear as many of your experiences as possible.

If you look at the following questions think if they have affected you financially, particularly the impact on you personally as a carer...

  1. Have the changes to services and benefits had an impact on your household income and to you personally as a carer?
  2. If you live in social housing is your home now classed as 'under occupied'? (i.e. you have a bedroom classed as 'spare').  How will this affect you financially if you stay in the property?  If you had to move house would this impact on your caring role?
  3. Do you feel your caring role has increased as a result of changes to services and benefits?

To tell us your responses to these questions please contact the Carers' Centre in one of the following ways:

Phone:   (0191) 549 3768

Email:  Please put 'Financial Strain' as the subject of your email.

Post:      'Financial Strain', Sunderland Carers' Centre, Thompson Park, Thompson Road, Sunderland SR5 1SF.

Any information you give us will be recorded anonymously and you don't need to give us any financial information, it is the impact on your life as a carer we are interested to hear.