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Information and Advice

Sunderland Carers’ Centre can provide information and advice to carers to help them in their caring role.

Everyone’s caring situation is different, so we usually ask carers a few questions about their circumstances. We can then give them information and advice relevant to their particular needs.

This may be information about a specific illness or condition, or information about local services available for both carer and the person they care for.

There are occasions when the Carers’ Centre may not have the specialist knowledge or information available to help the carer, and because we want them to get the best possible information and advice, at times we may put them in contact with other organisations.

Carers information libraryInformation Library

Sunderland Carers’ Centre has an Information Library, which contains information on a wide range of caring-related topics, including information about specific illnesses and conditions, and information about local services for carers and the people they care for.

The library holds:

• leaflets, booklets and factsheets
• books, DVDs and CDs
• information in other languages for people whose first language is not English
• information written especially for children and young carers

Carers are welcome to visit the library, browse the information available, take away the free information leaflets and borrow the books, DVDs and CDs free of charge.


Sunderland Carers’ Centre produces a free newsletter every two months to keep people up-to-date with services for carers. For many carers the newsletter is the main, and sometimes, the only contact they have with the Centre. Some carers may not need regular advice and support or may be unable to attend carers’ groups or social activities because of work or their caring responsibilities. The newsletter can keep them informed about what is happening locally and nationally.

Carers can join the newsletter mailing list to receive the newsletter via post. Please call Sunderland Carers’ Centre on (0191) 549 3768 or send an email giving your name and postal address.

Click here to download the latest newsletter