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News Archive January 2011

Carers Poverty Alliance Petition

The Carers Poverty Alliance would like carers to sign their petition “to raise awareness of the unfairness inherent in the benefit system that continues to keep carers on a very low income and penalises any attempt at self-improvement.”

The petition will be handed into 10 Downing Street during Carers Week in June, around 2 weeks after the National Local Protests they have organised on 20th May.

Click here to sign the petition online


Caring with Confidence - New session dates announced

The next round of Caring with Confidence sessions will start again in March 2011.

This time the sessions will be at 'The Place', Athenaeum Street in Sunderland City Centre.

Carers are welcome to attend one of two introduction sessions, either on Thursday 10th or Thursday 17th March.  They can then decide which of the other six sessions they would like to do.

To book a place on one of the introduction sessions or for more information about Caring with Confidence please contact Sunderland Carers' Centre on (0191) 567 3232 or email

Click here for more information about Caring with Confidence>>


Carers Week 13 - 19 June 2011

The True Face of Carers

This year Carers Week will take place from 13 - 19 June and there will be thousands of events and activities throughout the UK.

The theme will be 'The true face of carers'.

Carers Week will ask how hard is life as a carer?  Or how easy?  How much help do carers actually receive from statutory agencies and government, local and national?  Or should that be how little?

How do carers think society sees them?  What is the reality of caring in the UK in 2011?  What are the biggest surprises that you encounter when you become carers?  What can really make a difference to carers lives?  Is it money?  Or something else?

Is caring a perpetual struggle with no thanks and no recognition?  Or a richly-rewarding experience that brings out the best in the human spirit?

All this and more will be revealed during Carers Week.

Events will be taking place in Sunderland to celebrate the week.  More information will be provided on this website later in the year.