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Caring and Social Isolation

Sunderland Carers' Centre can reveal that 8 in 10 carers in Sunderland feel socially isolated.


An online survey completed by 91 carers found that because of their caring role:


  • 80% of carers feel alone, lonely or isolated some or all of the time
  • 65% of carers have lost touch with friends and family
  • 76% of carers in a relationship have experienced relationship difficulties
  • 61% of carers in employment have felt isolated from other people at work
  • 61% of carers previously in employment had to give up work
  • 80% have given up social activities, hobbies and interests
  • 80% said their health and wellbeing has been affected
  21st anniversary logo
One of the aims of Sunderland Carers' Centre's 21st anniversary year is to raise awareness about the impact that social isolation can have on carers in Sunderland.

What would help carers feel less isolated?

When carers were asked about what would help them feel less isolated as a carer they gave a wide range of responses including having:

  • a break from caring
  • spending more quality time with their family and friends
  • the opportunity to go out alone; to make friends; someone to talk to who understands their situation and difficulties; and meeting other carers
  • someone to look after the cared for person or somewhere for the cared for person to go
  • the ability to go to college, university, work or remain in employment
  • the ability to pay for more care
  • money to spend on hobbies, interests and doing things with friends

What happens next?

Sunderland Carers' Centre will ensure that the findings of our research are shared with partner agencies in order to consider ways of reducing the social isolation experienced by carers.

We will continue to raise awareness about the impact that social isolation can have on carers in Sunderland.

Thank you to the carers who took time to take part in the survey.


Caring and Social Isolation Report

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