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Support and a listening ear
"Whenever I feel low, I know I can come to the Carers' Centre and someone has the time to listen to my concerns... someone actually has time for me."  

Sometimes all a carer needs is someone to talk to.  Workers from Sunderland Carers' Centre can provide support and a sympathetic listening ear.

A carer can contact the Carers' Centre for advice and support whenever and as often as they feel necessary.

If a carer contacts the Centre and the worker they normally speak to is not available, they can speak to any member of staff.  There will always be someone at the Centre who they can talk to and who can provide assistance.

Apart from the support and reassurance offered by Carers' Centre staff, we can give the carer the opportunity to make contact with other support services or appropriate organisations.


For more information please contact Sunderland Carers' Centre on:

Tel: (0191) 549 3768

Email: click here