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Support at meetings


"If the Carers' Centre had not been with me at the meeting I would not have known who to turn to."


Sunderland Carers' Centre can accompany and provide support to carers at meetings with health, social care services and other agencies.  Examples of such meetings include carers' assessments and reviews and assessments for the person cared for.

Before a meeting a worker from the Carers' Centre can help the carer prepare, for example, by discussing what they would like to see happen at the meeting and helping them make a list of questions they would like to ask.

At the meeting the worker can provide emotional support and help make the carer feel at ease.  They can help the carer put forward their points of view and make sure that the carer is fully involved in the decision-making and planning.  Sometimes it is simply helpful to have someone else there to listen.

After the meeting the worker can sit with the carer and discuss what has been said and what decisions have been made.  They can check that the carer is happy with these decisions and if not, help take any necessary action.



For more information please contact Sunderland Carers' Centre on:

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