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Satisfaction Survey 2012

Sunderland Carers’ Centre wants to give as good a service as possible to carers and in order to improve the work we do we conduct an annual Satisfaction Survey to obtain carers’ views on the services we provide. This year 190 carers took part in the survey and the results have been collated into a report.

Thank you to all the carers who participated. We are overwhelmed by the many positive comments made by carers and the feedback you have given about our services will prove very valuable in helping us develop our services in the future. Overall 91% of carers who responded described our services as excellent or good and the average rating out of 10 given was 9.


The survey has identified that not all the carers we are in contact with may be fully aware of the wide range of services we provide. Sunderland Carers’ Centre is therefore committed to carrying out more awareness-raising of the different services available, for example, about our courses, website and the Carers Breaks and Opportunities Scheme (CBOS).

Further discussions will take place within the individual carers’ groups to identify if group members have suggestions for improvement for the particular groups they attend and we will take into account the comments made by carers about the newsletter.

The results and comments relating to CBOS will be provided to the CBOS Steering Group for consideration.

We will report on any progress made as a result of changes following this survey via the newsletter and website.

Click here to read the full report